Custom Bass

E-mail your specs and I'll quote a price

Non-refundable fee of one hundredUS Dollars required with your

request for quote, applicable to purchase price.

These bass instruments are not cheap ~ two to five thousand USD


Some suggested materials ~

Solid or plywood body ~ alder, ash, poplar, mahogany,

swamp ash, maple, basswood, bubinga, walnut, koa,

bubinga, wenge, padauk

Neck ~ maple, mahogany, bubinga/wenge ~ bolt-on, set

neck or through-body ~ graphite available, too

Fretboard ~ maple, rosewood, ebony, wenge, pao ferro


Options ~

Frets ~ parallel or fanned or unfretted

Bridge ~ Hipshot, Badass, independent saddle bridge,

optical bridge, independent Piezo bridge saddles,

Neuser F Plus. Hipshot Bass Tremolo (whammy bar)

available now!

Electronics ~ active or passive or both

Pickups ~ 2 or 3 humbuckers with coil taps or 4 or 6

single coils or any H and S combination, optical pickups

~~~~~ EMG, Duncan, Bartolini, Delano, Basslines,

Carvin ~ alnico cores if available

Acoustic pickup package available with Fishman pickups

with separate output or blended output with blend knob

Pickup switch ~ to go with choice(s) of pickups ~

lever or rotary type


Standard ~

Nut ~ graphite

Tuners ~ custom 'Feathered' tuners (__ : 1 ratio)

Control cavity ~ completely shielded

Colors ~ no choices

Case ~ hard, well padded or soft vinyl or leather, also

well padded ~ free

Battery compartment flip cover for active electronics


Lots of other equipment available ~ make request(s)


Description of the instrument ~ elliptical body and peghead with RockBass logo

painted on both and covered with the finest transparent lacquer, red binding on the

body and peghead, pickup bezels (frames) when used are white, otherwise

pickups without bezels are black and painted to maintain the logo image as is the

bridge (optical pickups eliminate this hand painting of the pickups because they

are built into the bridge - this leaves a flat area for the logo beneath the strings),

knobs can be white or chrome or gold or black as can the coil switches

and pickup selector lever or knob, the neck can be dark or light, the tuners are

custom designed and elongated to imitate the look of feathers ~ they can be white

or chrome or gold or black, too. They come in two sizes, long and short. The long

ones are depicted, above. Weight will be 3.181 to 4.090 Kg (seven to nine

pounds). Instrument will be finished in all respects with care, attention to details

and the finest finishes.

Contact: Russell Kolish with your specs and your request for a quote and snail

mail your quote fee to:

RockBass, 608 Charlemagne Blvd., Naples, FL, 34112. I'll contact you

immediately by e-mail for a discussion about your ideas.