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Dream Interpretation ~ How To Interpret Your Dreams

Even if you use this method of dream interpretation infrequently, it would be there for you for those ocassional dreams that cut
through to your conscious state and disturb you enough for you to want to find out what they mean. This happens sometimes, eh?


How To Interpret Your Dreams
Using A System Of Non-Fixed Symbolism
And Visual Metaphors

A self-centered system of personal symbols and their meanings to YOU

~ by Russell Kolish ~


$3.00 ~ LINKS to the Amazon and B&N locations to purchase the ebook version ~ $3.00

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FREE Worksheet


Illustration of Dream

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~ Personal Dream Art ~


If you're well heeled and can afford it you might want to consider having an important

dream of yours made into artwork. The image above is one I made to illustrate the

sample dream which was interpreted in the Dream Manual. If you think that this image does

indeed represent the dream well, then you might consider having an image done for

you by me. I would use your work sheet entries for a particular, important dream of

yours as the basis of choosing individual images of your symbols

and incorporting them into a larger image which would be a visual representation of your dream.

The image would be about poster size or smaller - your choice. It might be horizontal

or vertical depending on what elements I would have to incorporate into it.

If you are in the dream yourself, I could also use a photograph of your face superimposed

over the face of the figure I might select to represent you in the dream image. Some people

like this idea, some don't.

I would like to be paid a hundred dollars an hour. The image I mentioned above took me

about ten hours to complete.

Delivery time might be a week or it might be a month. Fifty percent down payment in advance

and final payment is due on delivery. Please contact me to make arrangements.


If you like the poster-sized image and want to transfer it to an oil painting I could do that

for you also. The cost for this would be much higher than the image which I create using

image editing software.


Of course these services are entirely dependent on my own sensibilities, greater than average

psychological knowledge and imagination, making my services entirely unique in the world.

These creative characteristics of mine when combined with my technical computer

knowledge and writing skills help me offer these artistic-scientific services to you.

Collectors might like this idea.

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