LINKS to other web sites about Bass and other important information

GuitarZonline - - With over 20 years of guitar instruction experience, we've researched all of the free online guitar lessons for beginners we could find, selected the highest quality instruction, added some of our own tips & put them into a nice easy to follow free beginner course to help you learn guitar online.

Stephane Bertrand - - Stephane Bertrand, important French Bassist in jazz and rock genres. His bio, CDS and samples of pieces on each CD. Intriguing and sometimes powerful music!

Sheet Music Man - - An excellent source for sheet music arrangements for working bands and vocalists.

Indie-musicnetwork - Music Instruments, Guitar Lessons & more! - Resource for creating and selling music from the comfort of your home!

BassDogs - - Dedicated to electric bass guitar players, electric bass guitar, acoustic bass guitar, bass tablature and upright bass. In their online forums you can find links to bass guitar tab, bass tab archives, bass guitar lessons, pro bass shops, amplifiers, drum and bass websites, bass tablature, bass amps, bass players and much more.

TAXI - - the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.

Recording Connection - - an established music industry school where students train for careers as professional recording engineers.

Electric Bass - - Links. Classified ads. Message boards. Software. Tab sites. Auctions! Instruction. Magazines. Reviews. Books and videos.

Bass Lessons - - Free worldwide Teacher database, a bass link search engine, bass classifieds, lessons, MP3s, message boards and more. Books. Videos. Articles. Reviews.

! Full Hand Picking article - - Free info about using all your fingers and thumb on your picking hand. More info which compliments the Addendum section pages (in the Rock Bass - Beginner To Pro In Four Weeks instruction manual) which explain the use of all picking hand digits (fingers and thumb).

Dave On Bass - - Gear. Current events. Polls. Photos. Writings. Links to other bass sites. Site of the day. Gear reviews. Lots of interesting stuff.

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars - - Guitars AND basses designed for girls. I love their "Heartbreaker Bass." You guys who want to impress the girls, get one of these!

Harmony Central - - Gear, reviews and articles. Excellent bass instruction links section. Classified ads. Events. News. Tons of tabs. Bass forum. Effects. Software. Magazines. The largest web site for musicians, with thousands of products reviews, daily news, free classifieds, software downloads, and more.

Music Education - - A resource site for music educators, directors, private teachers and professional and amateur musicians. The emphasis of the site is providing an open view of how some successful music education programs attain high levels of musicality and participation. It is a long-term special project of the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association. As well as linking to all Saskatchewan Music Education activities and resources, MEO also hosts the CMEA (Canadian Music Educators Association) and the Manitoba Music Educators Association.

Taxi - - The leading independent A & R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.

BassBooks - - The Ultimate Source for Bass Music - Song Books, Instruction Books, Strings, Videos and more . . .

Guitar Zone - - Has some links useful to bassists: accessories, amps, bass guitar, effects. Also has some album reviews.

Guitar Noise - - Free guitar lessons, help, tips and advice for anyone from the aspiring beginner to the seasoned professional.

Zen Studios - - Zen Studios is a seven room rehearsal facility in Sydney, Australia, which also features a 24 track digital recording studio. Zen also offers other services such as CD duplication, storage and rental gear.

! Bass Poster - - A 24" by 36" poster. An invaluable reference guide. A lot of what you would find in an instruction book is diagramed and/or clearly explained in this attractive teaching poster. Includes information on: neck diagram, common chords and scales, common bass lines, tuning, major scales and arpeggios, the circle of fifths and harmonics. Good for all skill levels. $7.00. '' has no affiliation with the makers of this poster and receives no percentage of any sales. I just think that the poster is a teriffic visual aid!

Institute of Bass - - A LOT of resources. Anything but BASSic. The 'Cool Links' pages have a HUGE amount of information of all types. It's for more skilled and experienced players but there are some things for beginners, too. It's an amazing site! Some of the categories are: Artists, Lessons, News, Reviews, Classified Ads. Very interactive site. Encourages you to ask questions, share your thoughts, comments, ideas and information. I'm greatly impressed by the information on this site as well as its mission.

! Bass Guitar FAQ - - Frequently Asked Questions about the physical characteristics of bass guitars. Almost everyone can benefit by looking this site over.

The Bass Archive - - Unusual site. Chat area. Assorted "Bass Stuff" like amps, effects, accessories. Tabs. Music for sale. Bands' links. MP3 downloads.

Cyberfret and its sister site Cyberfretbass - and - Free online electric bass lessons using audio and video. These sites also feature a tablature section and links to many bass and other music resources. Gear and strings for sale, forums, reviews, mini lessons on a variety of topics for beginners - almost makes the RockBass-BeginnertoProinFourWeeks site redundant, however, not quite, because RB-BTPIFWs is conceptually coordinated, and leads the beginner on a structured path of learning. The Cyberfret sites present a lot of topics in a non-structured way. A guided course of instruction vs isolated lessons. However, these (Cyberfret) lessons can be ultimately very useful once you know the bassics. Cyberfretbass is a good site to get other peoples' descriptions of bass topics and concepts which can then help you refine your basic knowledge base. Cyberfret has a GREAT Jam Zone, an online metronome and basic drums with which to practice!! Very useful sites.

! GuitarGeek - - Database of equipment setups of many, many musicians. Click on 'browse,' click on 'bass,' then click on the little red arrowhead to the far right of the artist or band that you're interested in. If you don't know who these Bassists are, just click on them at random to see drawings/pictures of their equipment from simple one bass-one amp setups to complex multi-bass, multi-amp, multi-effects setups. This site is an education in itself for the budding Bassist.

AltGuitarBass - - A companion to the alt.guitar.bass.newsgroup. A Bass Community! Very unique site. Sound samples of different basses, personal (bass) guidance, chat with other people interested in bass in the Chat Room (this feature alone is worth many visits), some interesting info about basses on the FAQ page, some unusual links, like the Imaginary Bass Players Union!

Kangaroo Amp Covers - - Excellent product! Ballistic nylon or heavy duty canvass amp covers WITH POCKETS for your gear. An idea whose time has come!

Diskfaktory - - CD-DVD duplication company.