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If you have any interesting links which might compliment the ideas in Portrait, links which may help us reflect on our commonly accepted ideas or beliefs, and you want to share them, please send them to me via e-mail. Please include your name and location such as state and town if you want them mentioned. You might also consider mentioning them on the BLOG. Thanks.


Links For Musicians

 Philosophical Sites

ActionTab ~ The Ultimate Online Guitar Tutor! Ingenious idea. Download an ActionTab and see exactly what BOTH hands are doing. Some free. Some small fee.

Free-Online-Novels ~ A list of free novels by excellent and exciting authors! INCLUDES "The Society for the Betterment of Mankind," and others by Jennifer L. Armstrong.

Chord Guide ~Chords, find them free! Verrry useful site. Can save chords on your own chord sheet and print them out. Great print outs.

Ancient Egyptians ~ Interesting article about the spiritual mindset of the ancient Egyptians.

Acoustic Guitar Workshop ~ Home of tuition based acoustic guitar lessons online and on CDs. CDs use 'picture in picture' format: can see BOTH picking and fretting at the same time - extremely useful. Newsletter, some free lessons, MP3s and TAB, books, FABULOUSLY useful reference guitar posters and other guitar art posters. Courses look verrry good! Easy on the wallet for quality instruction.

Human Being Society ~ This is our home and everyone is welcome here. As human beings come together in truth, we grow in a new way - the way that Being expresses itself naturally as each one of us. By opening the door that links us together, we are allowing Being to move freely, to take the form of its own wisdom, and express itself. Our conscious part in this process is one of responsibility to care for, nurture, and guard this growth.
You know, "Being" is simple. But Being "human" is complex. And as life passes through incredible extremes in the growth of our human form (body, mind, senses), consciousness and its creative expression also grow in extreme ways. Yet, the bond of humanness remains to remind us of home, where each and every one of us lives as a member of the human family.
It is my great pleasure and honor to welcome you to THE HUMAN BEING SOCIETY. ~~~~Madam X ~~~~

Guitarnotes ~ EVERYTHING for the guitar playing musician!

One Zen site out of many, many ~ Zen is a synthesis of Indian Buddhism and ChineseTaoism. Zen can take a vibrant and even anarchic attitude towards spirituality, which has led to it being enthusiastically embraced outside of the Buddhist context by spiritual seekers worldwide.

Zen is not an organized set of teachings, nor is it a philosophy; rather Zen is about emptying one's mind and experiencing the mind itself. In the emptiness of pure consciousness, there is a sense of being at one with all that is.

Wholenote ~ On-line community devoted to guitar.

Which is the real Christianity? This article about a lecture by the author of one of the books on which the popular novel, "The DaVinci Code," was based challenges several of your belief systems - your religious belief system (if you're a Christian or have had Christian influences) and your political belief system. 

Online Guitar Lessons ~ FREE online guitar lessons in a simple and easy to understand way, using photographs and audio samples.

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind ~ Interesting and amusing information about our minds.
ezFolk ~ The ezFolk site is one of the most popular folk music sites on the Web. Offering free MP3 and video hosting for folk and acoustic musicians, ezFolk is also an instructional website for banjo (bluegrass & clawhammer), folk guitar, ukulele, and harmonica. Hundreds of pages of tablature and tutorials. There is also a link directory to over 3000 acoustic music sites.

  Guide to Philosophy on the Internet ~ Also check ~ EpistemeLinks.
Guitar Lessons ~ Guitar Tricks is the pioneer of online guitar lessons. Their core learning system has everything you need to get started. Thousands of guitar lessons in all styles, techniques, artist studies, and even learn your favorite songs.

IEP, The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy ~ EVERYTHING you need, right here.

Black Belt Guitar Academy ~ Good site to learn lots of things. FREE lessons. Photos, terminology, downloads, software for building skills, gear and books.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ~ If you can't find it at IEP (as had been implied) you can find it here.

Space And Motion ~Geoff Haselhurst's, Philosopher/Metaphysicist, ideas about Truth and Reality. VERY EXTENSIVE INFORMATION. FASCINATING SITE!

Guitar Voice ~ Be Heard

Zen / Zen Buddhism, from Wikipedia.

Zen FAQS, from alt.zen.

Intimate Audio ~ A guitar site devoted to intimate musical recordings and independent musicians. Upload your own music for other audiophiles' enjoyment (and possible review)! Features free online guitar lessons (w/TAB and MP3), exclusive interviews, message board and loads of independent musicians' resources! Includes Web Radio-style Real Audio streaming broadcast of indie artists. Hosted by Dale Turner (West Coast Editor of Guitar One magazine, GIT instructor, author).

Zen Guide ~ A comprehensive resource for Zen and Buddhism practitioners providing information on history, principles, meditation guide, Zen and Buddhism, related media (books, art, video and audio), organizations directory and links to additional resources.

MXtabs ~ 90,000+guitar tabs.

Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library.

Zen Guitar ~ Good lessons, some in the form of spiritual advice. Highly recommended.

Note ~ Zen is appreciated in the West as a philosophy. In the East it is considered a religion.

PsYcHo LiCkS ~ Surprisingly good free lessons and you don't have to be a psycho, just an average guitar player.

Asian Philosophy is Eloquent.

BL Guitar ~ FREE Guitar Lessons Online, Beginner to Advanced, Guitar Books, Chords, Guitar Tabs and Links to the Best Guitar Sites On The Web... Also info on taking private lessons in Colorado.

Heidigger and Asian Philosophy

Guitar Secrets ~ Lead guitar made easy. FREE online guitar lessons.

Routledge Encyclopedia of East Asian Philosophy ~ Everything you need to know about guitar playing.

Articles on Buddhism and East Asian Philosophy

Pete Thomas ~ Jazz site, saxphone, HOWEVER, EVERYONE can learn a little something here, especially guitar players. 

Asian Thought ~ Resources about the major Asian religions.

Guitarology ~ Excellent music theory site! Easily accessed specifics. Simple to understand. Clear info about scales, chords, exercises, common jazz changes, rhythm and technique. Also offers a few well known tunes to learn and practice within the scope of the theoretical information presented.

Essential Readings on Chinese Philosophy

Action ~ Custom Straps

Short site on Buddhism

Just Strings ~ Strings for your guitar. World wide resource for musical instrument strings. I buy all my strings here.

Confucianism, from Wikipedia

More on Confucianism

Classical Guitar ~ Resources, learn to play.

Confucianism, the six schools of Chinese Philosophy and the six schools of Indian philosophy

HAS Sound ~ Custom Guitar Controls and Harnesses. It's ALL about the tone!
Confucianism, from the Catholic Encyclopedia. Amazing to read how a philosophy is understood and interpreted through the bias of another viewpoint.

Classic Cat ~ Catalog of links to all sorts of classical information. Instruments, blogs, radio, composers, lyrics, education, soundfiles, opera, video. More...

Confucianism and Symbolism

Also Confucianism Guitar Lessons ~ Check out the world-leading rock and metal guitar methods from the instructor to the stars! Beginner to pro. No BS. We rock. So can you!

Confucianism, from Religious Tolerance

Guitar Basics ~ Free daily guitar lessons: chords, scales and arpeggio routines w/tablature. Gear, books, software, videos, links & more...

Taoism, from Wikipedia

Acoustic Fingerstyle ~ Very good site. Lots of interesting reading: articles, reviews, interviews, open tunings, composing tips. FAQS about the physical aspects of guitars as well as instructional material, strings, types of guitars and guitar care and maintenance. Fingerstyle Forum. Articles on techniques. Lots of good links to Tab and Tabledit Tab collections. FREE Tabledit file viewer.

Taoism and Confucianism

Charlotte Adams ~ Renowned Teacher. Instructional videos, DVDs, books, CDs. Free info and tips. Person to person lessons online, by telephone and by fax. Excellent services for songwriters.

Essay on Taoism

All-Guitar-Chords ~ Free chord finder with a perk: chords depicted on a guitar neck. Also root scale(s) displayed over the entire neck. Very useful tool.

 Taosim, the Natural Order of Things, from Crystalinks

Rolly's Guitar Tips ~ New guitar tips every two weeks.

 Taoism, from Religious Tolerance

Acoustic Guitar Manual


 Links For Musicians (continued)


Acoustic Guitar Music CDs Reviews

Christianity, from Wikipedia

Acoustic Music Resource Online Catalog

What is Christianity?

RockChops ~ The best source of Rock lessons and instructional materials on the net. Excellent.

Christianity from all points of view (and there are many) ~ from Religious Tolerance

Guitarminator ~ Guitarminator. guitarist with Sclub Seeing Double album and Movie, True Steppers Victoria Beckham Dane Bowers Jonny l and many more Nature and the art of unique guitar playing. WILD SITE! I don't exactly know what it does but the constant visuals blow your mind. Worth a few visits.

Searchable Encyclopedia of Christianity

Guitar Scales ~ On a nice looking guitar neck, GS displays all the notes in any scale of your choosing. You can also choose your (regular or alternate) tuning for the display. Simple and easy to use.

Virtual Christianity

Catholic Encyclopedia. Starts out a little snooty. ~ Many, many, many free and escellent lessons. Also TAB, Forums, chords, scales, Chat, News. Free membership.

Learn Classical Guitar ~ Tremendous! Good free lessons, lots of important free info. Books and videos, sheet music, software. EZine w/free music. Guitar posters. Classical guitar store.

Sikhism, from Wikipedia ~ Thousands of music links.

Baha'i, from Wikipedia ~ All about effects. Not free but excellent.

Guitartone secret to getting GREAT tone.

How To Build Your Own Effects Pedals... A Step by step guide.

Hinduism, from Wikipedia

Hinduism, the World's Third Largest Religion ~ from Religious Tolerance

Clever Joe's Musician's Resource Center ~ Are you a clever Musician?

Hinduism ~ HUGE site yet easy to follow

Maximum Musician ~ Unique lessons on playing by ear among all sorts of other useful information.

Hinduism, the world's oldest religion

Insane Guitar ~ Some good lessons.

Who is a Hindu? ~ Hindu resources.

The Guitar Poster ~ 24" X 36" beautiful music education posters have put the answers up on the walls of generations of musicians, helping millions play up to their potential at every stage of their musical development, improving their understanding of how music works, and gaining proficiency on their musical instruments. The graphics on these music education products work like road maps to harmony that show you how to play any chord or scale in any key, anywhere on your musical instrument.

Guitar Dreams ~ Free Guitar Lessons. Guitar lessons community dedicated to helping guitarists learn guitar online. Free online guitar lessons with guitar TAB, MIDI and MP3 audio cover a wide variety of guitar lesson categories including scales, alternate picking, sweep picking, arpeggios, tapping, legato, chords, and much more.

Jainism, from Wikipedia

History Of The Guitar

Jain Dharma ~ from Religious Tolerance.

Blues Harp (Harmonicas)

Jainism: Jain principles, tradition and practices ~ you HAVE to see this one.


GuitarGeek ~ Guitar rig database ~ Setups of the Stars

Judaism, from Wikipedia

Judaism, from Religious Tolerance

A to Z Guitar ~ Biggest Guitar directory and Guitar resource site (music, chords, TABs, lessons, etc.) on the internet. Amazing.

Jewish Virtual Library

Phil Black Guitar Posters ~ Superb.

Judaism, from Crystalinks

13thfret ~ Very popular acoustic guitar discussion Forum.

Jewish Encyclopedia. Last one published in 1906. Tremendous historical overview.

~ MANY Blues websites ~

Jewish Symbolism

Music Phone Book ~ Music industry's contact guide. $35. Information is power.

Buddhism, from Wikipedia

Musicians' Contact Service ~ Musician's Contact. The source of paying jobs for 35 years. Primary source of employment for Musicians nationwide. Jobs and resumes are updated daily.

Essentials of Buddhism

Cyberfret ~ Free online guitar lessons using audio and video. Also features a tablature section and links to many guitar resources.

Buddhism. Also a little about Buddhism and Christianity. From Religious Tolerance.

Ultimate Chord Chart

An Introduction to Buddhism


~ Harmony Central ~

Zoroastrianism, from Wikepedia

Zoroastrian Archives

~ Singers & Songwriters ~

Singersong ~ Singers/Songwriters Resources. Original, independent music artists! Check their Link Index. Mind-boggling amount of info for singers and songwriters.

Zoroastrian Sacred Texts

Guitar Masters ~ Advanced study. Well organized, succinct short lessons. FREE.

Internet Guitar Lessons ~ Althought the graphics leave much to be desired, the free lessons are good. Lots of'em, too. Blues. Calssical. Basic theory, scales and modes. Soloing and improvisation. Technique. All good info.

Chord Inversion Tool ~ I don't know why you'd need this tool (which graphically depicts inversions to chords that you input) but here it is. It works fine.

You C A N choose whatever you want to believe. You can pick and choose elements from all philospohies and religions ('one from column A, two from column B') and create your own individual religion. Your religion is a part of your belief system. Some people have no religion yet have well developed belief systems which result in responsible behavior. Some people have religion and fragmented belief systems which lead to much confusion. Mix and match if you will but above all, learn to "Know thyself."


~ Other Interesting Sites ~ ~ Many categories. Large collection of Heraldry clipart. Crop circles. Emoticons. Music. Sacred geometry-->Language of Light: crop circle alphabet. More...

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Church of Girl ~ Fun for women.

She-Net ~ A feminist community for intelligent discussion between women and men on a variety of topics, including current events, politics and popular culture, as well as friendship and support. Women of independent minds.


Information American MENSA Brain Teasers Puzzles Famous Mensans

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RockBass ~ Manual for Bass Players