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Technical Architectural Yacht Art


Signed, non-glossy, photo-quality images of

Technical Architectural Yacht Art

with certificates of authentication

are depicted below.

Samples of Authentication documents



If you're interested in purchasing

one of these images for $125 to $150 USD

(150 for the larger one, image number five,

the composite)

it would be one that is not signed

and comes without any sort of

authentication documentation at all ~

it would be a non-glossy, photo-quality image

of the same size and resolution as

the one(s) listed below...

Please send in payment and an email to me

requesting which image you would like. Payment

can be in any form mentioned on this site.

An email to me must be separate and describe

which form of payment you made. Then I'll

mail your choice in a tubular shipping

container via US Postal mail.



18" by 23" (45.7 cm by 58.4 cm)

$600 USD (second, open edition)


24" by 30" (61 cm by 76.2 cm)

~ poster size ~

$600 USD (second, open edition)


35" by 43.7" ( 88.9 cm by 111.1 cm)

~ huge ~ suitable for an office or club ~

$600 USD (second, open edition)

(All costs on this site are in USD.)

? Two (potential) Problems ?

All payments via snailmail or Paypal.

All prices include any taxes and shipping and handling.


An 8 1/2" by 11" (21.6 cm by 27.9 cm) color sample

is available upon email request.

A fifty dollar fee is required for this sample for printing,

shipping and handling

and is applicable to your final, total payment(s) due.


All images copyright 2012 Russell Kolish

Click on either image for greater detail

.........Three-Plex Apartment Yacht ........... or ....... One, Two or Three-Plex Personal Yacht

Standard borders are 1/2" wide (12.5mm / 1.27 cm)



For a yacht of your own fantasy

with your choices of cabins and other areas

please select from the alternate areas below,

email them to me along with a non-refundable

$250 USD deposit (via snailmail or Paypal)

and they will be inserted into the

final colored print-out for you.

$900 USD each (second, open edition)

Links to Alternate Cabins

and Other Areas

Lower Level Deck Spaces

Middle Level Deck Spaces

Upper Level Deck Spaces

Upon receipt of your choices of image specs, via email or snailmail, and

$250 non-refundable deposit (via snailmail or Paypal) I will email you

an 8 1/2" by 11" (21.6 cm by 27.9 cm) colored sample

of the yacht art piece which has the choices you've made inserted into it

(fifty dollar fee for color sample not required with this deposit).

Please allow several business days for me to complete the

graphics work and to email you the image or

check for your image on Temporary Postings.

When you approve the image, via email or snailmail, and send me the

balance due (via snailmail or Paypal), then the final signed

print-out with a signed certificate of authentication will be sent to you

via whatever shipping method you specify.



I strongly recommend that you choose

your own frame to go with the colors

in the print and the colors of your home

or office once you receive the art.

Thanks very much,

Russ Kolish

If you absolutely MUST have me pick the frame for you I will charge you
the cost of the frame and the framing plus $200 USD for my time, plus shipping.
I will email you a statement of all these costs and
pictures of the frames I selected, along with their costs,
so you can approve one before I buy it.
After you approve it and send me the frame procurement,
framing, shipping costs and fee for my time,
I'll purchase it and have it framed. (Any monies paid to me at any
point in this entire purchasing process are non-refundable.)
Then I'll send you a final bill and once I receive the balance of all
monies due, I'll ship it to you via insured FEDEX or
any shipping method you prefer.
Please let me know the colors of the room in which the art is
to be displayed or, best, send me a large color photo.
Also, if you have a preference for a frame style, please suggest
or name a style that you would like for the frame and
I'll confer with the Framer with your desire in mind.
All costs considered, you'd be better off
taking the print to your local Framer and
with his opinion and your own, choosing it yourself.

See how the art looks in a few picture frames.

Printed Borders


Temporary Postings

Is This Art Good?

One way to determine if this art is is good or has worth to others is:
place it on display in a fine frame and hire someone to watch it
and all the other works of art in the room. Keep count of the number
of people who stop to look at each art work over a period of a few days.
If it's displayed in your home, throw a party and test it the same way that night.

Also count the number of times that you look at your yacht art yourself
and compare that number to the number of times that you look at
each of your other art works.

The frame is as much a part of a presentation as the art.
Don't get a cheap frame.

If you do not like the results of this procedure, send the art work back,
undamaged, well packed and insured,
within 42 days of the mailing date
and the Artist will fully refund your money for the yacht art piece.

Pictures of previously owned, framed pieces.


Other yacht models

are also available as photo quality print-outs

but they are not customizable

................Liveaboard Cafe' Yacht ............ or ........... Party Boat - Charlie Sheen Model Yacht


$600 USD each

Signed and with certificate of authentication


$ Prices $

Standard (non-customized) Second, Open Edition prices:

1 for - $600 USD

2 for - $1100 USD

3 for - $1500 USD

4 for - $1800 USD

Customized Second, Open Edition prices:

(with deck plan changes)

1 for - $900

2 for - $1,600

3 for - $2,100

4 for - $2,400

Framing recommendations and/or procedures, as above.


Also, combinations of standard and/or customized yacht art pieces

are possible. Let me know what you're interested in and

I'll email you a quote.

..... for example .....

Composite of standard (non-customized) Apartment yacht, Personal yacht and Cafe' yacht

(also, available as the fifth variation in the Limited First Edition series. Explanation)

39" wide by 35" high (99 cm by 88.9cm)

This Composite standard is $900 USD as Second,

Open Edition print

and $100 less per each print additional, up to ten.

It's also available as the fifth variation

in the Limited First Edition series.

Start your collection now.


Thanks again!



Limited First Edition

Limited First Edition art pieces will be limited to one hundred in number for each

of the five versions of the yacht and cost twenty thousand USD each.

A non-refundable, advance partial payment is required: 10%.


They will be delivered in a fine frame of the Client's choice

after framing agreement is reached between Artist and Client.

Either send me the frame you want to use (I will email the exact

dimensions of the piece prior to shipping) or put me in touch

with your Framer and we will work out the details.

I will send him either a colored sample image to work with or the artwork itself

if you certify his trustworthiness in writing and give me permission

to ship it to him via your choice of insured carrier.

Full payment is required in advance if you choose this option.



All documentation as above will be provided.

All documentation information will also be

hand written on the back of the art

by the Artist. The art will also be signed

in any location chosen by the Client Connoissier.

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Building This Yacht

If you want to actually build the yacht

you can license the design from me

for $100,000 USD per license,

lesser fee per license

for multiple licenses.

If you're interested in using me

as your Project Manager for

your construction, we can talk about it.

I have two Bachelor's degrees, one in Engineering Science

and the other in Computer Science and I'm familiar with

materials, construction and the varied systems of yachts.

Also, I'm not a bad artist and can handle

the interior decorating requirements.

Yacht Proposal

Thank you.


Quick Connections To The Five Variations ~ One Two Three Four Five ~ Customization ~ Build it! - Yacht Proposal

Other Quick Connections ~ Picture Frames ~ Printed Borders ~ Check Lists ~ Temporary Postings ~ Email ~ Snailmail ~ PayPal ~ Explanations ~ Limited First Edition



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