? Two problems ?


What does one of these pictures look like at full size?

Who is this Artist; is he reliable? Will he deliver and not run off with my money?

These problems can mostly be solved by spreading out the risk. Get five (or more) other people interested, have everyone put up one sixth of the costs (including the cost of a decent and complimentary frame which ought to cost one hundred to three hundred USD), buy one, receive it and evaluate it, and then have one member of the group buy out everyone else’s shares. Then everyone will have direct understanding of the art and others in the group will feel confident in purchasing their own variation. Also, remember that it can be returned. Also if the Artist steals your money, you’ll have lost only,... perhaps one hundred twenty five or fifty dollars not six hundred. However, why would I do that? It’s not as if this art is a ubiquitous commodity and the Artist can count on a never ending flow of new buyers who he can rip off. No, this a niche market with a small number of highly focused individuals who have direct and indirect connections to others in the niche. It would be business suicide if the
Artist screwed up even one order. Besides, I think the art and the design may have other applications in addition to decoration and intellectual study and criticism and I desire to get this art into as many hands as possible to stimulate peoples’ minds toward getting some of these boats actually built for various purposes.
So give it a shot in one way or another, individually or as part of a group.

Examining the images on this web site it becomes clear that I have the goods - the copyrighted yacht design and artwork - so getting your order filled and shipped is just a matter of going to my printing company and then to UPS or Fed Ex. Most of my work at my end is complete so it is not a big deal to fulfil your order, except in the case of requested modifications. These take a few additional days. Basically, don’t sweat it. Everything is functioning smoothly. All procedures flow gracefully. Completing your order is straight forward and simple. And of course I will be in touch with you by email to keep you informed about key points:
1) acknowledgment of your order,
2) completion and shipping of your order,
3) a friendly follow-up email to inquire about your satisfaction
a) did it meet your expectations?
b) did you frame it?
c) where did you place it?
d) how have other people responded to it?

Thank you very much for reflecting on these considerations. I hope to receive your order soon.



Russell Kolish