Samples of Frames


These images are only meant to display what the art work would look like

in various frames. The art work is shown at reduced resolution.

The frames shown are not samples of frames that I might

select from a local Framing store. They come from an online site which offers free images of frames

which people might use to frame pictures of all types. This site

also offers lots of links to all things frame related.


Note: you can right click on any image and click 'View Image'

to see any of the below images by itself.

If necessary resize the window to see the entire frame.

To give a sense of proportion, the black borders of the art works below

are 1/2" wide (12.5mm / 1.27 cm).


Artwork border: shown in black however it can be any color.


Overkill on the frame size but beautiful. v

Standard border of the art work is 1/2" wide (12.5mm / 1.27 cm)




Frame extremely disproportionate but
perhaps useful for comparisons. v



Overkill on the size of the frame but
because of the color..... it could work. v