The entire RockBass manual of which you have read less than 5%

can be downloaded as an Ebook from either Barnes & Noble Nook or Amazon Kindle.

I had to put it up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble because too many people were not honoring the honor system.

If you don't have an e-reader or tablet, download one of the FREE e-reader programs

to your desktop or laptop computer here (free e-reader software).

Follow this link and you can then see at the top right hand corner of the page
links to free ebook software from either B&N or Amazon which, once downloaded,
will enable you to buy the RockBass manual and read it on your desktop or laptop.

If you download one of the free ebook readers (I have one and it works on my desktop running

Windows Vista) then you can explore the menus which will teach you how to download

the RockBass manual.

The fee for the RockBass manual ebook is now only $9.99 USD.

L I N K S to the RockBass manual ebook on B&n and Amazon.

It is no longer available in a version which can be printed out from this web site.

(For awhile I was charging $99.95 because, in trying to get my usual $40 fee, the price had to go up to $99.95 for me to be paid my $40 since they need their cut on top of my $40.

At any price over $9.99 they were offering the author 40 %. So to get the forty I had to charge $99.95. Forty percent of $99.95 is approximately $40.

At that price it's STILL worth every extra dollar. Fortunately, now it is no longer $99.95. I thought that was too high a price.

The author's cut on Amazon and B&N for ebooks under $10 is 70%. This higher percentage at lower cost is their way

of trying to keep the prices of ebooks below $10. So at $9.99 my cut is about $7.

So I decided to do an experiment to see if I could make up in volume with a low price to compensate for what I was losing at the high price.



Due to a new marketing experiment, for NOW the ebook price

has been s l a s h e d to $9.99.

This is _S_O_ cheap that now you can buy copies as gifts for your bass playing friends.


In addition to the 'Days' you have already read, the Ebook also includes Days 8 through 28,

and sections on Fingering Techniques and How To Write and Read Music for the Bass (notation),

an Addendum, Afterthoughts, an Appendix, useful Forms of many types and a Glossary of Terminology (definitions).

This is a _h_u_g_e_ amount of practical and theoretical information for the Bass Player written in an easy going style.

I have left copies of all of the Forms in the Ebook on the home page for you to download for free. Also the Circle of Fifths diagram.

Thank you very much.

I believe that your learning experiences will be good ones.

L I N K S to the RockBass manual ebook on B&n and Amazon.

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