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Appendix ~ Fingering Techniques ~ Addendum ~ Afterthoughts

A Simple Way To Learn How To Write And Read Music For The Bass

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Please read below (and especially the Review at the end of this page) at least

once before moving on to the Introductory Pages, above. ~~~ Review ~~~


Why don't you start reading the manual. See how you like it. The first three or four 'Days' or lessons are basically introductory. You might already know most of the information. But read it anyway to see how you fit with the style of presentation of the information. If you feel comfortable and think you can benefit, when you get 'Day 5' please send payment. A common thing that happens is that a person will have a question and then they read a few more pages and see that the question they had is answered a few pages further on in the manual. I'm mentioning this by way of explaining that the manual is quite thorough and explanatory about the musical ideas it presents.


Below are descriptions of the Rock Bass instruction manual for beginners who want to learn how to play the bass guitar. The manual has a lot of important material for experienced players, too. I HIGHLY recommend staying in sequence because every chapter/day depends to some degree on the information in the chapter/day before it.


Experienced players: if you learn some important facts or ideas which have enhanced your abilities or knowledge then look at it as money well spent in lieu of paying for some lesson(s).


Note: this manual or instruction book is organized by 'Days', with each of the lessons or chapters being one day's learning in the four weeks. If a lesson a day is too much of a blistering pace try one or two a week.


A manual - learn to play

~~~ ~~~~~ Rock Bass ~~~~~ ~~~

~~~ Beginner to Pro in Four Weeks ~~~

~~~ ~~~ No Reading Music ~~~ ~~~



Content Description ~


"Rock Bass, Beginner to Pro in Four Weeks, No Reading Music" is at least a

one hundred and twenty five page booklet (maybe 140 pages depending on how it

would print out with your browser and printer) that is EXTREMELY user-friendly. It

will take a person who knows nothing about the bass, nothing about music and

nothing about any musical instrument and in four weeks teach him or her how

to play the Bass with the level of skill necessary to play in a Rock band or along

with recorded music. It will also fill out the knowledge base of intermediate

players and people already playing in bands.


. . . friendly . . . extensive . . . quantitative knowledge equivalent of a ten to twelve

booklet series of instruction manuals each priced at twelve to twenty dollars . . .

thus making the cost of the "Rock Bass" manual $$$ less than one twenty fifth $$$

of the price you would pay for a series which gave you the same amount of instruction.


What you need to know is delivered in a well sequenced, extremely user friendly



~ Keywords ~

structured yet loose and engaging, fundamentals, techniques, acoustic-physical

phenomena, friendly, communicates sincerity and human connection, don't have

to actually memorize anything, tips, many definitions, highlights the importance

of creativity and self-expression, unassuming, unpretentious,user-friendly.


Table of Contents ~

Instead of a short sample which would tell you little, I'll tell you what the book

covers: equipment, specific advice for learning the material, the fret board,

intervals or half-steps and whole-steps and 'numbers' or 'Positions', pentatonic

scales, chord basics and connecting notes, chromatic scales, syncopation,

inversions, positional fingering, more on chords, chord groups, fingering

techniques, modes, auditioning, Mental Positioning Exercise, Re-labeling Chords

Exercise, chord substitutions, advanced striking techniques, chords and

arpeggiation, patterned string striking, assignments for plucking fingers, double

stops, a note about phrasing and soloing and finally, a simple way to learn how

to write and read bass music.

As a beginner, you won't understand most of the above terms, but within four

weeks (or your own chosen time frame) not only will you completely understand

them and be able to play well,

you'll be excited and happy that you got

this manual!

If you are already playing Bass with a band you've learned a lot.

This manual will put you over the top and make you one of the Bass players

who are in demand by other bands, studio producers and recording musicians.



The style is informal and explanatory, making it easy to understand and progress

through. Instruction is communicated in a structured yet loose and engaging style.

Lots of tips. Memorization not required. Neither is reading music. The importance

of creativity and self expression is emphasized. Unassuming. Unpretentious.


~ Review ~ (back)

~ By Josh Garrin ~

Excellent and Outrageous East Coast Guitar Player, Bass Player and Teacher


Needless to say, seventeen years of instructing guitar and bass to beginner,

intermediate and advanced levels of playing ability has exposed me to a wide

variety of instructional media. This experience has also provided me with a

considerable amount of frustration in my attempt to convey the meaning of

the material in these books and manuals to the novice. I had yet to discover

instructional media of any kind that welcomed you - the layman, the novice,

the uninitiated - to the sometimes convoluted and enigmatic world of one's

own theoretical approach to and creation of music.


Much to my satisfaction, this sense of frustration dissipated rather quickly in

my review of "Rock Bass ~ Beginner to Pro in Four Weeks" by Russell Kolish.

The author takes both the instructor and the student on a structured and

strategized, yet loose and engaging lesson plan spanning approximately one

intense month of musical self-discovery. From technical fundamentals

(equipment, amplifiers, speakers) to physical technique (striking the strings,

positional fingering) to the acoustic-physical phenomena (harmonics, frequency,

overtones), the quality and method of communication exhibited in this manual

can best be described in one word - friendly. The author communicates to the

audience in such a way that one immediately senses an element of sincerity

and human connection that the majority of manuals so greatly lack. There is

a "next-door-neighbor" aura and language being spoken that always enhances

the experience of the body of knowledge being presented. There is an emphasis

on the importance of creativity and interpretation and, most importantly, the

material is presented in such a way that the student will never feel rushed

(note the several occasions in which the author says "spend a lot of time in

this section"). Where many manuals strictly enforce the idea of memorization,

the author is never reluctant to state, "You don't have to actually memorize

any of this. With time, it'll all become second nature." This showcases a very

important and underestimated facet of the learning curve - the concept of

learning simply through the repetition of doing (immersion).


From chordal/harmonic theory to diatonic/pentatonic/modal scale forms to an

addendum ripe with advanced technique and tips on phrasing (as well as a

glossary complete with descriptions of fingering techniques), the author makes

a good case that although a beginner will not understand concepts and

techniques such as these to start with, in four weeks not only will he/she be able

to understand them, he or she will also be able to play well. After examining

the well structured and engaging presentation, I concur.


Keywords such as "LISTEN" and "FEELING" and "OPTION" and "THINK"

are implemented and displayed in boldface type to highlight the importance of

creativity and self-expression throughout the playing experience. There is a

"freethinking" element present here that is virtually non-existent in most other

educational media; information is presented via a person-centered approach

that requires the student to make decisions - choices based upon a personal

interpretation of the information presented. The author is very quick to identify

that once absorbed, these theoretical "rules" are made to be broken by the

creative mind and spirit of the individual. Indeed, this is the essence of the art.


"Rock Bass ~ Beginner to Pro in Four Weeks" is the layman's guide to fulfilling

one's desire to learn music in an unassuming, unpretentious and user-friendly

manner. In a virtual ocean of dry, unpalatable instructional media, there is much

to be said for the author's humane approach to delivering the musical message

and helping the novice musician to establish the launching pad for their art.



~ Short Biography ~


The author played Bass in New York Rock bands and worked pickup gigs when

the opportunity presented itself. He became tired of the music scene and left,

with the exception of occasional song writing utilizing the classical guitar. But I

digress. So, the author knows a girl who had been given a bass guitar for her

birthday and had no idea what to do with it. He took this as an opportunity to

help out and wrote up some basic instructions for her. When the short booklet

became longer and longer, he realized that it could be useful to many other

people, too, because it addresses the UNIQUE PROBLEM

of being an absolute beginner and not knowing where to

turn to learn because everything he/she reads is beyond

her or him.


In addition to his music interests the author earned Bachelor's degrees in Engineering

Science and Computer Science but working in these fields was boring, boring.

Now he's becoming more involved in music again.


Pic of Author ~ click here ~


Contact: Russell Kolish



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